Gender parity should be achieved in 216 years*

Femmes en créa seeks to achieve parity much sooner


Our group was created after a very public debate in which many professionals from the Quebec advertising industry questioned the place of women in our creative departments and our under-representation as creative directors. Our goal is to reinforce the worth of women creatives as a first step towards helping them achieve their goals, access higher positions and, ultimately, enact real change.

Reinforce the worth of creative women

Our values

  • Solidarity
    • When one person speaks out, the message is often lost. But if there are 100, 1,000 or even 100,000 voices, we will be impossible to ignore. We believe that there is strength in numbers and that’s why we created this group. Femmes en créa also believes that solidarity must be inclusive—working alongside men is part of the solution, we do not want to exclude them.
  • Evolution
    • It’s time for things to change. But before that can happen, we have to face the unconscious bias that still exists in our industry. Even if it isn’t intentional, this bias can impact a hiring decision, skew a salary negotiation and influence our day-to-day interactions.
  • Speaking up
    • Women sometimes find it hard to have their voices hear, but maybe that’s because we’re not speaking loudly enough. It’s an uncomfortable question to ask ourselves, but it’s the only way to help us all become more vocal and step into our power. If you have something to share with Femmes en créa, we can help you find the right platform.
  • Equality
    • Numerous studies have already proven it: companies that have more women in positions of power perform better and are more creative. So offering men and women creatives the same opportunities is winning for everyone.
  • Diversity
    • During her speech in Montreal last year, Michelle Obama said, “…if you’re ever sitting at a table that looks like one gender, one race, you have to question that.” Our pursuit for parity also includes diversity.
  • Future forward
    • To create this rosier future, women need the right tools to get ahead, but they also need models, that is, other women who have achieved success on both the small and large scale. To this end, Femmes en créa wants to provide women with mentorship programs, meet-ups, professional development opportunities and simple strategies for everyday interactions. This is how we intend to redefine our industry.
* According to Global Gender Gap 2017, an annual report published by World Economic Forum